You love to write, right? But there is a secret sauce, missing.

The knowledge that coverts words into sales.

When you’re faced with the task of writing sales copy that compels people to buy (register, subscribe or download), your mind goes blank. Where and how do you start?

You don’t want to be pushy but you need your readers to take action. So you begin to write. And write. And write.

Now you have 1,000 words when you only need 100 (the ones that will deliver sales). 

Frustrated copywriter

You wonder, what next? How do copywriters write prose that makes a profit?

Want to know a secret?

You may think copywriters at the top of their game have their creative talent to thank. The truth is, copywriting is part creativity but it’s only a small part. A very small part.

About 80% of copywriting is technique and process.

When you know the framework for writing a website page, brochure, sales letter or advertising and you understand how to home in on the messages that matter, you will write copy that commands attention and action (just like copywriters at the top of their game).

And you will write it quickly.

Copywriting theory + templates + coaching = confidence

Whether you want to write copy or you write copy now, this copywriting course will teach you techniques to create compelling, customer-focused copywriting and the processes you need to do it again and again and again.

Get the course outline and see what each lesson covers

Download the detailed course outline for a lesson-by-lesson breakdown

Download the course outline

But there's more.

The premium Copywriting Master Class is about applying what you are learning and getting feedback on how you can improve.

That's where your copywriting confidence comes from.

As your copywriting coach I’m there to teach and nurture you as you learn and, most importantly, show you exactly what you need to do differently so your copywriting skills improve instantly.


  • Me. Belinda Weaver, creator of the Copywriting Master Class, copywriting coach and mentor
    I limit each intake because I work hard to make sure students walk away with the skills to be top-quality copywriters. That's my goal for every attendee.
    Me. Belinda Weaver, creator of the Copywriting Master Class, copywriting coach and mentor


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