Right now, SEO copywriting probably seems like a technical craft that has to be regularly relearned. Am I right?

All the Google-talk. All the algorithm changes. All the talk about SERPs and PRs, keywords and backlinks. It’s enough to make you give up on online marketing altogether.

What if I told there are SEO copywriting techniques that weathered every single search engine update. Writing techniques that kept my business – Copywrite Matters – in the top 5 Google results for 4 years.

To the rescue: SEO Writing for beginners

From 2010, when I created my website, through to 2014, Google released Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin and Pigeon, as well as a raft of unnamed updates. I stayed on page 1 through every update.

SERP - SEO copywriter Melbourne

And they aren’t just MY SEO writing techniques. These are copywriting techniques used by successful SEO copywriters around the world.

Learn how to write SEO-friendly content!

When you understand the step-by-step process professional SEO copywriters use to write Google-friendly copy, you too can add SEO catnip to your copy, making it irresistible to search engines!

My SEO Writing course gives you the confidence you need to create SEO content that woos Google and wins customers.

  • Shauna Maguire, copywriter, Take My Word For It.
    When I was on the hunt for an SEO go-to guru, I was looking for someone who wouldn't just teach me why to use SEO, but how to do it well. And from keyword research to optimising my final copy, the wonderful Ms Weaver didn't disappoint. Her combination of technical and practical, user-friendly information and advice is sure to boost your knowledge and bolster your confidence – it certainly has mine!
    Shauna Maguire, copywriter, Take My Word For It.

SEO Writing Part 1:

  • Discover how important SEO copywriting really is when it comes to an SEO strategy

  • Glimpse into what Google sees when you publish content that doesn’t use SEO writing techniques

  • Learn what else affects your SEO ranking

SEO Writing Part 2:

  • Learn how SEO searches change as customers get ready to buy

  • See which tools I use to see which keywords are hot hot hot

  • Walk through a brainstorming and analysis process to get the best keywords

SEO Writing Part 3:

  • Access the 4 -step writing process I use for every SEO copywriting project

  • The tricks you need to know to seamlessly integrate keywords into your copywriting, (without sounding like a spammer)

  • Discover the strategic sweet spots that give your content more SEO love

  • Study my successful approach to optimising copy for specific locations

  • Learn how to write meta data that rocks your SEO writing behind the scenes

SEO Writing Part 4:

  • Try out the surprising but clever free tools that SEO copywriters use to test how optimised their copywriting is

  • Learn 3 critical signals it’s time to stop (before Google kicks you to the back of the queue)!

  • BONUS! Get the 10-point SEO copywriting check list that will help you make sure your SEO content is understood by search engines

  • Shauna Maguire, copywriter, Take My Word For It.
    The course content was easy to follow and even easier to put into action.
    Shauna Maguire, copywriter, Take My Word For It.

The best bits

  • Multi-media course content

    Read the PDF lesson content or watch the video tutorials. Or do both to reinforce your new SEO know-how!

  • Worksheets to flex your new SEO muscles

    Practise will accelerate your new SEO writing skills and you get exercises to help you do just that. You can use the examples provided or optimise your own copywriting!

  • INSTANT and LIFETIME access

    You have access all the course content from the moment you register so you can go through it at your own pace. Fast or slow it's up to you! You also get automatic access to future updates of the course!

  • 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with me

    This is your private space to ask questions and get feedback on the work you're doing. This coaching time will help you blast through barriers and lock your new knowledge in!

Are you ready to get your content noticed by Google?


Get instant access to the course and keep it for life! PLUS 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with me (valued at $725)
Pay only: $499 (AUD)

SEO copywriting course P4 cover SEO copywriting course P3 cover SEO copywriting course P2 cover SEO copywriting course P1 cover

How long do I have to do the course? 

You can take as long as you like to go through the content. You get instant access to the entire course and you keep your access for as long as the course is running!

You have three months from the date of purchase to use your coaching time. 

Why do I have three months to use the coaching time?

Momentum is important - for both of us. I want you to get the maximum value out of the content and help you where and how I can.

I think three months is a reasonable amount of time to get through the course and optimise some content for review. Don't you?

Is there a minimum call time for the coaching calls?

You can splice and dice your coaching time however you like. We can have quick 15 minute call if you're feeling stuck or we can book an hour long call to step through my feedback on some work you've done. Or anything between!

Just send me some information about what you'd like to talk about at least three working days before we chat so I can prepare.  

Will you show me how to rank on page 1 of Google?

The short answer is no. Why? Because getting a website to the top of search engine results takes more than writing optimised content. Using SEO writing techniques in your online content is a critical element BUT it's not the only influence on a businesses position in search engine results. 

If that's something you're interested in learning about, I recommend The Recipe for SEO Success course by Kate Toon. Find out more and register here.

What happens if the SEO writing rules change?

The good news is that while it's possible that search engines can change their algorithm at any time, the SEO writing techniques I share have weathered all the Google updates since 2009.

Algorithm changes are generally done to penalise spammers and the SEO writing techniques I teach you have always been rewarded.

Do I need to be a copywriter?

Not at all! I've developed this writing course for anyone who writes content, whether you're a copywriter a business owner, a marketer or someone else entirely!

If you write content for an online audience and you want to make sure it's SEO-friendly, this course is for you. I explain every step is detail so you don't need any prior understanding about SEO to apply the techniques I show you. 

What is your refund policy?

Good question. I don't offer any refunds for the SEO Writing course. Why not? You get instant access to the entire course and have three months to use your two hours of coaching time. When you bring a willingness to learn to the party, you will walk away feeling confident about writing SEO-friendly online content. 

If you have any questions about the course or the coaching, just email me at belinda [at] belinda-weaver.preview26.rmkr.net.au

Here are some general terms of service that explain how it all works, what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. In summary, we're both growns and we're both working towards the same goal >> you being an awesome SEO Writer.

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